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Wish List
5:52 p.m. - 2002-07-25

If I had a lot of money, what would I buy? First of all, I would hire a good carpenter and have shelves put in everywhere. Lovely built-in shelves with room for my many many books, and a built-in corner desk for my sewing machine(s). I would paint them white. There would be room for my TV and everything would be put away and the house would be neat, well, on the surface anyway.

I would have a picket fence in the front yard and hire a strong gardener to dig everything up and there would be the picket fence with a flower border on all three sides of the front yard. It would be a perennial garden like the lady-down-the-street's, which has something different blooming in every season.

And I would hire a whole team of house scouring specialists to clean the house back to a new appearance - you know, house detailers. I would, of course, be sitting on the couch watching the Crikey Man while all this was going on.

And I would buy three more Honda CRVs, my favorite car. Reliable, not ostentatious. A Red one, White one for summer use, and a Green one, just because.

Now I am going to go listen to the last tape of The Shipping News.

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