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Cell Phone Rant
10:25 a.m. - 2002-07-28

Why do people bother to have children they do not take care of, and what is with the cell phone that makes it more important than a child's life?

Yesterday I was driving across town to the folks' house when I saw a little (maybe 2 or 3 yrs old) boy trotting down the middle of my lane in the traffic. There was a lady on her porch across the street standing there talking on a cell phone and pointing to the baby. I, of course, stopped the car and ran after the kid. Why didn't the porch lady throw down the phone and do the same before I did since she was not in a car, and she saw him first???? Having cornered the baby, I knocked on the door of the house he ran to. Lo and behold the door opens and there is a woman TALKING ON A CELL PHONE. She admits that yes, this is a little boy she is babysitting (so to speak, sarcasm intended). I point out to her that he was in the street and maybe she should pay a little more attention.

I am mad at myself because I forgot to follow my agreed-upon-to-myself plan (rescuing babies seems to happen to me a lot, and I do not exaggerate). I should have put the kid in the car and driven to the police station and let the chips (babysitter-wise) fall where they may. Next time I will.

They are having a fundraiser at church for which one can hire a servant for the morning. We hired three teenagers. One was set to work scraping paint off the house and the two girls (very nice twin girls whose family is from Peru) were given inside tasks -ironing and cooking. Ironing seems to be a skill not much taught these days so I gave that twin my mother's lesson on pressing a man's shirt. This being YOKE, COLLAR, SLEEVES, BODY. The other twin helped me in the kitchen making a tray full of tacos, the rolled kind. She told me that she and her twin were vegetarians so we had a nice talk about amino acids and lacto-ovo etc., all while inserting a luscious pork filling into the tacos. She seemed surprised not to be thought a kook for this lifestyle decision. Never were so many tacos made so quickly in my house. I can see how having a real servant could be a good thing, but considering that having another person in your house leads to a loss of privacy, maybe a robot would be better. A kitchen cleaning, bathroom scrubbing, yard digging robot - heaven!

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