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Luck or lack thereof
6:38 a.m. - 2002-08-31

Jason says that when Cindy died, she took his luck with her. This is how he explains the series of minor disasters that have occurred to him since, like having the side of his van bashed in at the bank, the water heater going, having to fix the driveway, hassles over the medical bills, etc. So I commiserated with him, little knowing he was bad-luck contagious.

Then our back TV started turning itself off all the time. It responds to a wap on the side, but we all know this is not good. Now the refrigerator is squealing, but on the plus side, both items are still working. It is no problem to buy a new fridge, but trying to arrange for delivery and having to be here when you should be at work, well, hassles abound.

So last night the in-laws came over to bring over even more stuff to put in the garage. They are cleaning out their house and finding interesting things. They brought over a set of old china for Angela that used to belong to Angela's great-grandmother. It has a pretty brown floral pattern, very old-fashioned. They have also found a box of old calling cards from the 1880's that belonged to the great-great-grandmother. I read about these in Little Town on the Prairie, the high school kids passed them around to each other and they were saved as keepsakes. I would really like to see them. They brought me a box of old linens, but the brief glance told me I have to wash them first before I really look them over, since they have been out in the EGs garage for years and years. The EGs have gotten an offer or two on the house. Who knew their house is worth almost half a million dollars? California is certainly weird, because it is just an ordinary house, but the location near the school is a big drawing factor.

This is a three-day weekend and I am soooo glad. I fell asleep early last night, missing Monk for the third time in a row. I will have to post a note to remember to record it. I had a dream about the girls coming home and getting mad because of the stuff I dragged into their room when the EGs came over. They were arguing with their dad and he was blaming me for it, which was true but disloyal, but ultimately not real anyway.

It made me realize, though, that I have still not made Angela's bed since she left, so I better go do that right now.....Holy Cow, the significant other tells me that the Maintenance Required light has come on in the blue van, and that makes three bad things, so hopefully the streak is over.

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