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4:54 p.m. - 2002-09-20

People are a little antsy at work because, well, you fire a bunch of people and the survivors feel like they have an ax hanging over their head. Was that the end of the firing, or will there be a second wave? That is the thought on the mind of everyone. But, as my cousin told me at the reunion, "Nobody tells me nothin'!"

There have been strangers in the plant for the past week or so, and what secrets could they have or reason to keep any, but still, when quizzed about the reason they are measuring the walls and floors, will say nothing. Finally, I asked the lady I work with in the early morning what was up and she said their department and what's left of mine will be moved down to the other end of the plant in two weeks. Nice of them to tell me. My only hope is that the air conditioning will be good in the room they alot to us.

It is two thirds of the way through September and it is beastly hot. After a brief fling with icing up, the AC seems to be working OK again. After a brief fling with squealing, the fridge seems OK too. However, the back TV still turns itself off every once in awhile, but I no longer coddle it, and just give it a whack on the side to get it started up again. This can't be good, but it was a cheapo to begin with so we will just replace it, I guess.

Tomorrow he and I are taking a drive up to Rohnert Park for a sale. It should be fun, it has been a long time since we took a drive together just for the fun of it. Maybe we can get some apples.

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