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Good Intentions
6:30 p.m. - 2002-09-21

So he and I started out on a Saturday drive. We were chatting on the way to Rohnert Park about how cluttered the house was and how we need to get rid of stuff. He mentioned that he and I have to stop buying so many books, and that I should not get more fabric. Oh, I said, I have not bought fabric for a long time, and this was a clothing store he was taking me to, so not to worry.

At the sale, I did not find garments that fit me, but they did have a table with fabric remnants from their clothes - beautiful, beautiful, very cheap fabrics of finest quality. I fell off the no-buy-fabrics wagon. Luckily, he found this humorous.

Then we went to Santa Rosa to look around and what do you know, they were having a book fair in the park downtown. He tells me that he said he wouldn't buy any more NEW books, as he made a beeline to the Friends of the Santa Rosa Library used book booth. Luckily, I found this humorous.

Then we had lunch in a Mexican restaurant and came home.

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