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4:29 p.m. - 2002-09-25

LM and I have been from time to time laughing about the wierdness of the guy at work who came up and randomly took my picture. He did not take pictures of any of the other closers, only me. Turns out it wasn't so wierd after all. It was his birthday and he was just taking pictures of people at work. He came by with a pack of photos and gave them to me to pass around. LM and I were glad to see that there were quite a few pictures of everybody on the other side of the plant, just, for some reason, not the closers. The funny part was the picture of me, because there I am in the foreground, turned toward the camera, and in the background, you can see LM peering over the partition to see what is happening. At the time, I believe she was saying, "What in the world was that all about??!!"

At the time of the August Massacre, I had a discussion with Dougy about me still getting my vacation. Today I went to ask him if he wanted a copy of the file list (what files are in which boxes) I have compiled so he could find files while I am on vacation, and he reacted with shock and surprise, having forgotten all about my vacation. I used the opportunity to tell him about the doctor appointment that requires me to take off early the very day I get back from vacation, and he said OK but be sure and make up the time the same day and not to skip lunch. Now there is something that is for sure never going to happen, skipping lunch for work.

I went to Old Navy on my lunch hour and lucky me, they were having a sale of their splendid socks. I was able to get black socks for work. And I bought a new purse for vacation, because I love their purses, and this was on sale too! So then I went to the art store and bought colored pencils, because that is just fun.

I have been doing the Windsor Pilates for over two weeks and am noticeably stronger in the midsection. Maybe I will even end up with a waistline again.

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