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5:00 p.m. - 2002-09-26

Today the big Lady Boss asked me to come with her and we went to the old word processing department. She showed me our new work abode - so I guess they do not plan to ax us any time soon. It is a large room full of cubicles. I chose the one in the back which is double size and private so that you don't have to sit with your back to the room and are safe from prying eyes. Maria wanted a window seat, but hey, the subdivision department is taking the good half of the room because that side is near the enclosed office where the subdivision boss will sit. I think I will like it.

The great Jasoni is having more hassles. He got a ticket a while ago when the ticket man could not see his handicapped placard, so they sent him a letter with instructions on how to get a waiver of the fine by describing the situation on the form and other bureaucratic mishmash. Which he did. Then he got a letter saying that his violation was rescinded. Then a week went by and then he got a letter with a bill for a $275 fine. Let's just say he was not pleased.

Today he told me that he had called and gotten it straightened out. Apparently the computer has not caught up with real life and sends out bills automatically. After finding out he was off the hook, Jason said "Can I ask you to do something for me?" "What?" asks the man. "Look at your right hand, then look at your left hand, and then let the right hand know what the left hand is doing!" says J. "No need to get snippy." says the man. "Hey," I said to J, "someone else told you that recently!" "Yeah," he said, "I get that a lot."

This Saturday is Joel's birthday dinner. Jason found some packets of Thomas Wilson meats - they come in a bag and you can microwave them or boil the bag - pretty good, actually. Anyway, he got a ton of them for only 1.99 each, which makes for cheap meat for a birthday dinner. He got some kind of beef roast. I am going to make mashed potatoes and salad dressing. Ice cream sundaes for dessert.

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