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5:10 p.m. - 2002-09-30

Today I came back from lunch and there was a post-it from Dougy on the computer screen telling me to see him. I still get that reaction from grade school - what did I do? I don't remember doing anything wrong, etc. So I went into his office and he told me that I am being moved to the subdivision department, which means better chance of job longevity since they will eventually move all the policy production "off shore" - the wonders of the computer age. So in the middle of October I get to start training for the new job. I have no clue what they do over there, but I have always wondered. This means that Dougy will no longer be my boss and I will be working with the nice subdivision lady, who personally asked for me to be in her department. So to celebrate, I bought myself an avocado. Woo Hoo!

I finished the dress for Jane's mom and it did turn out fine, if I say so myself. Hopefully her mom will be comfortable in it and look nice. I finished a summer muumuu for myself, and even though I chickened out and made a size smaller that usual, it is still gigantic on me. However, it rates excellent on the comfort scale and will be very nice on those 114 degree days. I like the style very much so I think I will keep making smaller and smaller sizes until I find the right one.

My poor bedroom television is really terminal, I'm afraid. I was trying to watch The Matrix last night and it would black out every time the action got going. Very irritating. Finally it stopped going back on when I slapped it upside the screen. I said that now we have to get a new one, and he said what do you mean a new one, so hopefully he was kidding, because, get real.

I always feel good on the last day of the month because I am now the farthest I can get from the next end of the month name run at work. I totally forgot to ask Doug if I get more money, or will still have to do the name run....

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