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5:19 p.m. - 2002-10-04

So I always thought I was part of the closing department, after all, I have been there typing policies for almost a year. Now that the department has been disbanded, the ladies and Dougie planned a luncheon at a restaurant to say goodbye to the department. They talked about it in front of the policy ladies (myself included, being head policy lady) and talked about it on the phone and then gathered people together and left together for the luncheon today, all in front of us, obviously not intending for us to join them. Maria came up to me after they sashayed out and asked me if we got to go too, and I had to tell her that we had never been invited. They so obviously don't consider us part of Them, the old social divide between clerical (sort of) and suits. But my point is how rude is that to throw it in our faces like that? Very poor management style.

But on the other hand, how relieved am I that I didn't have to go and make social conversation?!!

Hm, he and I are supposed to go to Sweet Tomatoes with Dennis McC tonight and he is not here yet. Was I supposed to meet him there? He did not say so. Better go get ready.

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