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Learning Curve
5:10 p.m. - 2002-10-25

At the office, they are cooking up a big do for Halloween. Does it not occur to them that this is the dreaded last day of the month? I have a huge name run that day and do not look forward to it, and do not want to look forward to it in a costume, but alas, I am roped into being a beach bum. I'll have to go to Oooga Booga Beach and get a beach hat.

Got a letter (of sorts) from the EG's which contained only a map and directions to their new abode, and a gate pass. I told him to keep the gate pass, because without one I cannot get in (heh heh).

This week is the World Series. He won some sort of give-away at the office and got two tickets to the Wednesday game. This was a big deal because ticket scalpers were asking $4,000 for tickets, he says. There is a fellow at the office who is hardworking and underappreciated, a young husband with two little kids, so he asked this fellow to go with him to the game. Turned out to be a great exciting game, which I know because I actually watched some of it with Jason. I found the huge ad for Viagra right behind the batters very "interesting". How tasteless is that? Anyway, he had a great time and so did the young fellow. What a nice escape from family life.

I went to the library the day before yesterday and spoke to the librarian about Angela, who used to work there. All four of the ladies came over to chat and asked how she was doing, and said to say hi. So Hi to Angela from the library ladies.

Things I learned this week: How to read an APN map, how to run Solano County taxes, how to do Data Trace, how to do a file update, how to open an order, how to find the APN for a property when there isn't one, and how to get an icon off your desktop. I think I will rest the brain this weekend and make myself a Hawaiian shirt, which every office worker needs.

Jason just called because he had an appointment with the doctor today, and was reporting that he is fine. He also said that the doctor told him that my mother was the most beautiful woman of her age that he had ever seen. That was nice.

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