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5:43 p.m. - 2002-11-14

I went to Jason's last night (he made chili beans and rice, and green beans with secret sauce). Joel and Jane had rented a movie and wanted to watch it alone together, so the Bean came over. We ate and then she suggested Pick-Up-Sticks. She and Jason have obviously had many prior bouts in this sport, because they have their own way of playing. The most noticeable is "The Flip" which causes the stick to end up in the other room.

I noticed that trial lawyers have even carried their influence to Pick-Up-Sticks, which no longer have pointy ends. Now they have rounded ball ends, which makes the game much harder because the balls at the end snag on other sticks, and because you can't lever the stick up by pressing on the tip. Even so, I actually won one game, continuing my streak (having won at yahtzee the Sunday Bean was here). Bean brought her report card to show me, all A's of course. Jason kidded her about several A-'s.

We got the scheduling of Thanksgiving all settled because Auntie M is coming down on Friday so we will have it then, freeing up the Thursday for the more conventional in-laws of all of us. I will make rolls and deviled eggs. I must say that every time I bring deviled eggs, they disappear faster than it took to make them. Even when they are too salty.

Now I am off to make some oven French fries.

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