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I Knew That Truck Would Come In Handy
4:59 p.m. - 2002-11-20

Woo Hoo! I sat down to write an entry and Jason just called to tell me that he has purchased a BIG Screen TV and is on the way home with it. He is, however, stuck in traffic outside of Danville, having bought the thing down in Fremont. He won't be home in time for our regular Wednesday dinner, so I am supposed to go over there (hoping I still have Melissa's key) and stir the chicken in the crockpot, call Joel, who is coming over to dinner also with the Bean and Jane, and tell them Jason will be late.

I have never watched a big screen TV for any length of time other than in the store or a brief glance at Craig's house. This should be good, and interesting too. What's not to like about bigger better television?

Got to go.

OK, I'm back. What a TV! Eric was there, and Joel and Evan drove up and we looked at it in the back of the truck. An excellent example of what can happen to you if your son works for Sony. It is a Trinitron Wega. It weighs about three hundred pounds. All the men were standing around when the unlucky neighbor happened to walk by at the wrong (for him) time and was commandeered into helping heft the thing into the house. Then it took a long time while the brothers hooked it up and argued over what cable went where. Then they turned it on. The sound was just like a theater and the picture...! Man, the people were life size. Eric got out his little mini-laptop and ran Spiderman into the new TV for awhile. Then I had to go home, so I said bye and they all muttered "bye" in an absentminded way as they all sat with their eyes glued to the wonders of technology.

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