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The Elephant in the Corner
5:03 p.m. - 2002-11-21

So now that he has the mondo TV, Jason tells me that it really takes up the living room. Yes, why yes it does.. I told him that he can make one of the bedrooms into a theater and he agreed that might be fine. We are going to keep it a secret from Melissa (Sr.) and January and surprise them next Friday.

Lovely day. At work everyone in the office (all three of them) were upset because Ed, the contract worker who comes in part time, was out sick with what they thought was a stroke. However, he is back today, none the worse for wear, so everyone is happy again. Most people who work there live way out in west county and have a horrific drive. Takes me 7 minutes. I would not drive far for this job, it is not that good a job, but I am grateful for it.

The Tree Guys have been here and the tree is no more. It had a long and leafy (I mean needlely) life but in the end, the bark beetles got it. The back yard looks so different, bigger. The fruit trees will love the increased sunshine, but we will miss the shade in the summertime, and the birds and pinecones. It is funny how you get used to the world one way, but it is really constantly changing, and you just have to go with the flow.

Holy Cow, I forgot I have to make a ton of rolls for the church Thanksgiving dinner. I was going to come right home and fire up the bread machine, so I'd better get busy...

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