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8:30 a.m. - 2002-11-23

The church dinner was good as usual. However, the pastor was not his usual perky self and the program was very brief, with singing and a few people talked. I was glad because I was sooo tired. We were home by 8:30, but I did nothing constructive with the rest of the evening since I was asleep.

The pastor told us that Verna had died that morning. She was ready to go and has been very sick for a long time. She really missed Max, her much loved husband, so it is nice to know they are together again. She was the most interesting person. She once lived in South America (her husband was an engineer) and had had many fascinating adventures.

Thinking about this makes me imagine people as books with stories galore, adventure, tragedy, drama, and ordinary life stories. If you are lucky, you get to hear these stories from them before it is too late, but luckily, older people seem to love to tell them, and I love to hear them. I hear from time to time about writers who can't think of plots to write, or have writers' block, but heck, all you have to do is go talk to people.

There is a funny article in the paper today about a husband and wife who didn't make it to the hospital in time, and he delivered his daughter by the side of Highway 4 on the way to Walnut Creek Kaiser. The funny part is that he is a FedEx driver, and there were a lot of jokes about "FedEx delivers". I wonder if this makes your hospital bill cheaper if you do it yourself?

He is at his monthly board meeting out near San Rafael so should be gone until early this afternoon. I usually go shopping (for fabric or yarn, shame on me) but I am so tired of sitting in traffic waiting for the light to change that I will just putter around, watch the Food Channel, and sew. We might go see Harry Potter this afternoon, or so he said, but if he forgets, I will putter around some more.

I love the weekends.

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