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Clean Sweep
12:27 p.m. - 2002-12-01

Yesterday was productive, for a change. We had a big clean out of the living room, which means we transferred all the junk to someplace else. He says he wants to get rid of the roll-top desk, so I called my sister and she will take it. We originally got it when the brother-in-law was getting rid of it, so it moves around a bit. He just thinks it is too big for the room, which is true. We packed up all the kiddie books, and out to the garage they went. We have passed the kiddie book stage of life. On the plus side, I now have a shelf for my library books and space for a few more cookbooks.

I sewed some, finishing the raspberry blouse and starting the black one with white mini-dots, all the while watching the televised football game, which never once showed the band! What do they think we are doing, watching for the GAME?!! Then when the score was about a million to nothing, we went to the movies, and saw The Santa Clause 2. It was pretty good, especially the part with the dictator faux-Santa.

In the evening, I got a call from Jason because he had found a set of keys that belonged to no one, apparently. He had called them all at that point. The key chain had lanyards on it, which means it must belong to Daughter #2. So after a while, he came over and tried the keys in our front door and sure enough, they are hers. Why were they over his house and how did they get there? All mysteries, but she doesn't really need them, being in another state. Why did they just now turn up, months after she left for college?

We went down to the grocery store today and cashed in my Thanksgiving bonus by using the gift certificate to buy steaks and hamburger. Right before Thanksgiving I went to Safeway and my list read 2lbs Butter, Whipping Cream, Ice Cream, and Pound Cake. The clerk was laughing about how I came to buy cholesterol and seemed to have found it. And it was good, too.

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