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Masa Yearnings
7:15 a.m. - 2002-12-07

Several concidences this week - I went to the library after work and got several books on tape, one of which was All The Pretty Horses. As soon as I got home, the phone rang and it was Jason, telling me to come over early so we could watch All The Pretty Horses on his mondo TV. He really likes that movie, especially the acting job done by Matt Damon (!) who he says has the Texas accent down pat, and also the quality of his Spanish is superb, excellent Mexican Spanish as opposed to the Spanish Spanish of Penelope Cruz. I find that authors have trouble disassociating their characters from modern day morality in stories set in the past, so I thought that the daughter of the house in All The Pretty Horses would hardly have been whoring around in the 1940's, not because of lack of inclination or anything but because they would have been watching her better. Where was her duena anyway? Even Jason thought that was lame, remarking that he did not think a Mexican girl of that time and station in life would act like that, and he should know.

While we were chatting, I mentioned that as I get older I seem to crave Mexican food more and more, and he perked up and said that he has been wanting to have tamales for Christmas dinner. I suggested that we have a tamalada. Joel came over then and dissed the idea, but phooey on him, it would be fun. Jason could buy the masa at the Mexican market, we could all bring fillings, and we could sit around and chat and make the tamales, then steam them while we open presents. Plus, the time lag would drive the kiddies crazy, so there is humor in that. It would also give the ever-late January time to get there. Masa....ummm.

Today is the birthday of my husband, the "he" of these narratives. I am going to buy two lovely porterhouse steaks for tonight, and already have his present, some books he requested. While browsing in the "Social Science" section of the bookstore, a place that I usually don't frequent, I saw a hilarious book titled "The Coming Democatic Majority" all about how trends show that Democrats are on the rise and will win most upcoming elections because the people are really with them (written before the election of course). It was so funny, how wrong can you be? So the authors in their arrogance have destroyed all academic integrity they once must have had; what made them read the signs all wrong, there are tons of footnotes. Even I knew what was coming, and I don't even pay that much attention. Wanted to get the book as a birthday joke, but it cost too much. Not for long, he says, soon to be on remainder tables.

Today is a library booksale! Hooray, my favorite cheap thrill. Then a meeting of the knit club, meaning that the birthday boy is free to watch his sports uninterrupted, then the birthday dinner and my Japanese shows. A good day!

I actually thought of a Christmas present that I would like him to get me, and he agreed. I want to have the handwritten recipe from Grandma Gehlert framed so I can hang it in the kitchen. It would have to be done properly in an archival manner. It is so lucky that she wrote on only one side of the paper and signed it with a message on the bottom, it is a lovely keepsake. Plus the recipe is good and a family heirloom. Grandma Gehlert's Brown Nut Bread.

He asked the EGs over for lunch after church tomorrow. Always a difficult thing to manage because of course one is at church and not home cooking, so you can't have something like a roast, but it is for this reason that the crock pot was invented, so I have to think of something. Have to get her a present too, what do you get someone who is unloading half her household anyway? Candy, that's what.

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