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Deer Candy
11:02 a.m. - 2002-12-09

This was the weekend of his birthday, and EG's birthday. I don't know what happened with Craig's birthday, that kind of got past me. I also heard that Roxanne has a December birthday. There should be a family rule that you can't marry anyone with a December birthday, since we are fully booked in that department. Saturday we went to the book sale, but of course I went back later in the day, unencumbered by the husband, which was good because I found two books in new condition that he has been wanting, Betrayal, and the new Ann Coulter book. I like her, she looks like an airhead blond, but can cut anyone to pieces with her logic and fearlessness. So, together with my other birthday present to him, he now has FIVE boring political books to read!

Sunday, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to start preparations for EG's birthday lunch. They were supposed to arrive promptly after church, so I planned for everything to be done by noon. I made a luscious beef stew with lots of beef, homemade bread, salad, and strudel for dessert. Unfortunately, they were held up after church by a meeting and took several hours to arrive at our house, so the bread was cold, but the stew was still excellent. He had an wonderful idea for her birthday present. We went to the plant sale at the Nature Park and had a consultation with the plant lady as to which plants won't be eaten by deer, a problem for EG now in the new place. The lady walked around with us, pointing out the plants that are 'deer candy', that the deer love to eat, and those they avoid. We ended up with some lovely plants, including a lemon verbena that smells heavenly.

Today is rainy, and I spent the previous hours at the hardware store and caulking the shower to make it nice for when the girls come home. In a few minutes I will leave for the quilty lady luncheon for which I made another tote bag. We do a gift exchange at the luncheon where if you want, you can trade your unopened gift for another person's already opened gift. I like how they always fight over who is going to get my tote bag, this being the third year I have made one. Ten more years and they will all have one.

Tamale plans are marching along. January is coming over here on a Saturday before Christmas and we will make a bunch of tamales. Jason is coming over to help, and bringing the masa. I am also going to call Jane and see if she wants to come over with the Bean. Time to go to lunch...

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