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Nuptial News
4:04 p.m. - 2002-12-10

The quilty lady luncheon was good, though why they had it at Hungry Hunter I will never know. That place had iffy food and poor service, though the service people tried, they were just overwhelmed. This year I was more observant and noticed which gift Kay put on the table, because she owns a little company that works with fabrics, and though we have a ten dollar limit, she fills her gift with luscious cut-aways. That is the one I picked, and no one took it away from me, which was not the lucky fate of poor Linda, who chose my tote bag, loved it, but lost it to another lady.

We finally got around to ordering Craig's gift over the internet. Craig and I like to be assigned to each other in the gift draw because we just hand each other a catalog - we know what we want and we make it easy. Craig likes wierd photographic stuff, my brother Joel likes wierd equipment for his band, and I like stuff from Patternworks or King Arthur Flour. I am still getting those strange electrical band equipment catalogs from when I had Joel several years ago.

Today I am taking it easy. I tried to do my exercises this morning but seem to have some sort of twinge going on in the upper back, probably from grouting the shower yesterday, so instead of hunching over the sewing machine all day I cut things out. I have the biggest stash of fabrics in the western world, and it is my job to whittle it down. Today I cut out a raspberry-colored linen shirt, an aqua print shirt, a blue shirt, and next, a gorgeous red print with chilis and fiesta stuff all over it.

Wow, Melissa just called and told me that Elisabeth is engaged! So in my effort to be the first with the news, I called the EG's but alas, they already knew, having been called the night before by the happy parents. The common opinion is that Jacob is a very romantic kind of guy, and the other men in the family can learn a lot from him. I only met him once, if at all, and don't remember what he looks like. Or what his last name is. Please, please, please get married down here, I don't want to fly to Seattle, can't afford it this year, or next, or next.

Still haven't started the Christmas shopping, it's like playing chicken. Maybe I will go on my lunch hour one of these days.

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