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Homeward Bound
8:27 a.m. - 2002-12-14

Today we are going to the airport to pick up our younger daughter who is coming home for Christmas. We thought she might have to fly out again right after Christmas to play in the band at a bowl game, but luckily, the game will be in San Jose, so not only does she not have to leave early, but we can go see the game! Jason wants to go too, so it should be a fun New Year's Eve. The BigLadyBoss even said it is OK for me to take the rest of the day off as long as I come in early and do the end of the month name run. My nice department boss, Sue, is a rabid football fan, so she was very enthusiastic about letting me off.

A vigorous storm blew in yesterday, and this morning I looked out the back door in time to see the big plastic wrap on the clothesline (put there to protect it when the tree guys were working) puff up and lift off, blowing away over the gate. I went out front to see where it was, and found it way next door in Mrs. Barnes' front yard. I had to cut across the grass to get it, since the street guys never finished the work on the waterlines and the sidewalks are still rather dirty. They also left big pieces of plywood over the water meters (which are about 1 foot below ground in a little cement tomb in California) causing the tree guy near mortal danger when he stepped on it and nearly fell in when he came to get the check. He complained to me about it, but I told him to take it up with the city.

What I am really doing now is being lazy and putting off my exercise routine as long as possible. I am going to do the accelerated workout today, and I guess I am in avoidance mode. In a little over an hour Jason is coming by to pick me up because we are going to do some financial stuff at the bank, since I am executor and all, and I guess I should know which bank it is, ha ha. Hopefully my services will not be needed for another 25 years, I would love it if he lived to be 100, in good health, of course.

Well, enough is enough - off to exercise, sigh...

OK, I'm back. We got to go into the bank vault, a place I can safely say I have never ever been. His safety deposit box is way up near the ceiling, and when you open it you have to put your key in at the same time the bank person puts in her key, so I only saw one ladder - how does this work, when an elderly person owns the box? Inquiring minds want to know. We did not open it, just signed some forms and went to see where it is. Then we went to the Mexican grocery and bought corn husks and were nosy and looked in all the baskets to see what people were buying. One guy had some menudo stuff -tripe- and a huge bag of meatless bones. For what, I wonder? Maybe for the menudo broth or who knows, maybe he has 52 puppy dogs. The guy ahead of us in line had the most appetizing bunch of groceries I have seen in ages - meat and chilis and limes and tortillas and avocados, how bad could this end up being? Then we went to the Food For Less because the great Jasoni had seen a cheapo tamale steamer there, so now I have a humongous steamer sitting on the freezer next to me. I'll bet I could steam 5 dozen in that thing, probably more. I was only able to appease the spousal unit by telling him it was Jason's, which is in fact true, though I don't really think he is expecting to see it reappear on his doorstep.

So Jason will spend next week making the chicken filling, I will make the pork, and January will come up with something kosher to suit herself. How kosher it will remain steamed in the same pot as lovely pork I do not know, maybe it is the thought that counts in modern kosherness. I have cooked in a kosher kitchen and it is exhausting (I think her kitchen had to be re-koshered by the time I was through making mistakes, though), so I don't think keeping kosher in mine is possible, really, but we will try (sort of).

One of these days I have to start Christmas shopping.

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