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Christmas Countdown
5:26 p.m. - 2002-12-17

Today when I came home from work the house was full of candy and cookies, made by the busy hands of Youngest Daughter. She even made me some peanut brittle, which I love. The house is even not that messy considering that she made shortbread, toffee cookies, butterscotch bars, magic layer cookie bars, caramel toffee bars, and peanut brittle.

It is boring at work for the first time. Things seem to have slowed down for the season, and my boss is out, so I have nothing to do, which I hate. We had the building Christmas brunch today, Friday is our department Christmas party, and Monday is the office Christmas Mexican lunch. People in the business world sure do eat.

I have finished the Christmas shopping except for the girls, which I may make the significant other do, because he should not escape the joys of the season totally, eh what? Luckily, he is the one who puts up the tree, so I will at least escape something.

Well, I am very tired, and my teeth are stuck together with peanut brittle, so I guess it is time to sign off.

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