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8:48 a.m. - 2002-12-21

I worked and slept (as soon as I got home) through the work week, and finished my Christmas shopping, thank goodness. Today we make tamales for Christmas Eve at the request of my father. I think we will make pork, beef (or something Kosher), chicken, and two vegetarian kinds, bean, and green corn (for Mary the Vegetarian).

Right now I am soaking the corn husks and cleaning the house, because, after all, people have to be able to enter and move around. The house is full of cookies and candy so that part is taken care of. The office people loved the little packs of cookies I took for them, packed into Chinese food take-out containers I got at the restaurant supply store. I rubber stamped them with snowflakes. We had food all day at the office so today I am not too hungry. The taco salad I was told to bring turned out pretty good, not a crumb left, the first one I have ever made. I followed the instructions of Darsey, who was supposed to bring it but couldn't for some reason.

Now back to work.....

Now it is a day later, and I am soooo tired. I was on my feet all day making those tamales, and they did turn out well. We bagged them up and I drove them over to Jason's freezer, as there is no room in mine. I will never never make that many tamales again in one day. My favorites were the green corn tamales stuffed with cheese and a strip of green chili, and those stuffed with pork in red sauce. The chicken ones I can take or leave and the beans ones are merely OK, though the Bean loves the bean ones, being in an anti-meat phase.

On the way to her home, I took the Bean to see the house on Olive with the spectacular Christmas lights. There are twirls and whirly things and deer and everything else you could think of. How on earth does he afford the electric bill? People not only drive by, but they also stop and get out to get a closer look. En route, Beany and I had our usual in depth discussion, this time about ice cream bars and how I hate the bars with sprinkles encrusted in the coating. I thought I would like them, but no, they disgust me. They are the Bean's favorite (which is why I talked Jason into buying them). Then I dropped her off at home and Joel conned me out of a half dozen or so tamales, since I was on my way to Jason's house to deliver them.

Now that most of the ghastly work of Christmas is over, I will relax and slide gently into the season of giving. No one has called me about stuff to bring to Christmas dinner, so better to let sleeping dogs lie. It seems like I have been doing massive cooking for the last month and I am tired, tired, tired.

If nobody gets me The Firm exercise tapes for Christmas I will go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond after Christmas and get some for myself. I like variety in my exercising, and was pleased when I saw them there today.

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