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After Christmas
8:42 p.m. - 2002-12-27

Well, Christmas was kind to me this year, in that I got lots of presents. Last year I got cheated of a gift by being left off the gift exchange name draw, but it wasn't noticed until everyone was passing out the presents and there was none for me. But there is no one to blame, since I wrote the list in the first place. This year was different and more fun. One interesting thing was that my sister-in-law requested a donation to a worthy cause instead of a gift for her, so we gave to the Linus Project. I may make a blanket for them too.

We held off giving a gift to the grown nephews to see if they had matured into reciprocal gift givers, but no, it has not occurred to them that now that they are over 25, it might be nice to give as well as take. We are not greedy, a card would be sufficient. I had gift certificates in my purse in case they came through, but as my younger child says, "Holy freaking cow, Mom, of course they won't!" How right she was. I wonder how long it will take them to notice they are no longer getting gifts from us. I have trained my children better, I hope.

I got The Firm exercise video (I mean DVD) and all I have got to say is how do they expect people to follow what they are doing when they hop around so fast and change what they are doing every two seconds? They are way way too perky. Some of us have to be careful or we will hurt our klutzy selves.

Tomorrow we are taking the girls to IKEA, which they love for some reason. I want to check out the bookshelves again, since the situation here is getting desperate, bookwise. It should not be too crowded because some humongous storm is supposed to sweep in tonight. Thinking about how we can't afford any furniture makes me think of the Powerball winner. I was hoping that some person of lesser fortune in West Virginia would win the money, but no, it went to someone who was already well off. It is interesting what happens to people who win lots of money, it either doesn't change them much because they were basically sound people, or it destroys their lives. I remember the story of the two women who pooled their money and bought tickets all the time, but when one of the tickets turned out to be a big winner, one of the ladies kept it for herself and refused to share as had been agreed on. It resulted in a court case and a long-term friendship ruined.

Now I am tired. Again.

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