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I Heard It On The Grapevine
6:02 p.m. - 2003-01-10

None of us feel our jobs are safe at work. I had several clues: I am supposed to have employee evaluations every once in awhile but have had none since the three month point. They had also not passed out the vacation schedule forms. Knowing how these things work, I mentioned these facts to someone in my department, knowing it would be talked about, and sure enough, in a week the Big Lady Boss came to me and called me into her office. We did the evaluation and talked about things I might need (I actually got a faster printer out of it) and I mentioned my low pay and how Dougie had said it would be adjusted later. She said she and some other person would "crunch some numbers". We shall see. We also got the vacation schedule forms. I hope the office stays open because I really like where I am now, the folks are super and the job does not suck.

Both girls are now back at their respective schools and our living room is clean. It was funny how the day the second one left, both he and I came home and hit the living room in a cleaning frenzy, both obviously on the same wavelength. It is now back to its neat self with the Christmas stuff put away. When we got the news that Melissa had arrived back at school (having been delayed by the security breach at Dallas Airport), I felt relieved and cheerful and thought I would turn on the Christmas tree. I plugged it in and nothing happened. I plugged in the light and nothing happened. Oh brother, I thought, what is wrong with the outlet? I was worried about shorts and electrical hazards, and talked to my dad on the phone. He said to check the fuse box, so out I went in the rain and tested all the fuses to no avail. So I thought, if the house doesn't burn down first, I will have to go to the hassle of getting an electrician. I worried about it all evening and then when I was reading a book before going to sleep I had a flash of memory - a wall switch that controls that outlet. I got up and looked on the wall by the heater, and sure enough, the switch was there. We never use it, so my brain sort of erased it from my view of reality. One of the girls must have turned it off somehow. I switched it on and voila, my electrical problems were over (for the time being).

Tomorrow my sisters and I are getting together at Jason's house to divide up my Mother's jewelry and other items. Sad chore, but my dad is in a cleaning frenzy of his own and wants to clear the debris of years from the house. oops, I think dinner is burning.....

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