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Rolling Along
6:16 p.m. - 2003-01-17

Today I went back to Costco with Jason to get some stuff for Evan's birthday dinner tomorrow. On the way home I asked him about the time he almost got run over by his own car, so he told me the story again. He went down the street in the car to deliver some mail to the lady on the corner that had come to his house by mistake (the mail, not the lady). He was going to hop out and put the mail in her box, so he left the car going and thought he had put it in park, but alas, he put it in reverse instead. He started to get out of the car, and it started to roll back. He tried to leap away, but his coat caught on the door, and as the car rolled back towards the canal, gathering speed, it threw him down and dragged him. The doors of that car were low to the ground, and he knew great fear that either the doors would scrape and squish him or that they would roll him under the wheels. Finally the coat broke free and the car rolled back over the curb and into the canal fence, leaving Jason lying in the street, trying to get up before a car came around the corner and completed the job. He escaped major injury and only had painful bruising.

So he said that I don't really have to go over tomorrow and go through my mom's things again, thank goodness. I will stay put and sew. Hooray, hooray, a three-day weekend. Finally, I get to watch my cooking shows and putter around. I am really getting into this exercising thing. I do one tape in the morning, walking or the Firm or Pilates, and another in the evening, abs usually. I am so much stronger. Now I just need to get so much thinner. I have been reading how using weights can increase muscle, which is a good thing as you get older. I try to do a bit of the Firm tape everyday, and have figured out about 1/3 of it so far. Maybe someday I will be the perky one hopping around to the music.

He just came home, and is ready for dinner. Jason gave me some leftover cabbage and wieners so things are looking up!

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