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Way Too Much Excitement For Me
12:47 p.m. - 2003-01-19

Yesterday I went out to the store to get some eggs and mayo for the deviled eggs. On the way home I stopped at the Food4Less to check out the produce. Jason says their produce is very cheap and of good quality. He was right, so I started getting bags of broccoli and limes and such. I turned to put something in the cart, and the cart was gone. Thank goodness my purse was not in it. I looked here and there and then my eye landed on the man standing to the side grinning - it was, of course, Jason. He said it was like the TV commercial 'the expression on your face, Priceless!'. He was there getting lettuce and tomatoes for Evan's birthday hamburgers.

I made 6 dozen deviled eggs. For once there were some left over, even if it was less than a dozen. January was supposed to take home the extras, but I did not stick around to see because Debbie came later and brought their dog, who was running around the house rambunctiously. Not my favorite thing, so I called it a night and went home to watch my Japanese shows.

Today has been interesting so far. I got up early and finished the whole Firm tape in one go. It is very strenuous, you sweat buckets. Then, after a nice shower, we went to church. I wrote a note to him asking if we could go to Walnut Creek afterwards and get some new tennis shoes for me at Nordstroms, who carry New Balance. He agreed, and after the service, we drove to WC and parked in the Andronico's garage. As I was getting out I realized that I did not have my purse! I left it in church under the seat in front of me! Oh woe is me!!! We piled back into the car and blitzed back to church. I envisioned the hassle of cancelling my cards, a new license, etc., horrible to think about. Plus, imagine the scandal if your purse is stolen in church! Magda was waiting outside the church when we got there, so I said Hi and went back into the church, where the adult Sunday school was still going on, and there was my purse, up on a chair. Huge sigh of relief.

On the way out I stopped to talk to Magda. He came up then and we found out that the reason Magda was out there was because she was waiting for the police. David's (her son) car had been broken into and stripped of the stereo, et al, while church was going on. How evil is that?! Apparently a lot of that bad stuff has been going on in the neighborhood. I have never worried about my car in the church lot, but I guess it is time to start. Of course, there is nothing in our car worth stealing, so maybe that is good.

So we did not go back to Walnut Creek because worry of that magnitude is very tiring, so my feet must wait for another day.

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