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Something About Mary
5:01 p.m. - 2003-01-24

Well, I got my paycheck and my bonus check today. Did I say that I got a notice that I would be getting a year-end bonus? Anyway, it was a $1,000 bonus but don't get excited, by the time the tax was taken out and since they were treating it like a paycheck, they also took out all the other deductions, I only had $480 left. That would make a Republican out of anybody!

But my regular paycheck was a puzzle, but a nice one. The Big Lady Boss said that I would be getting a 10 percent raise, but I thought she meant 10% of my annual salary, divided by the weeks in a year. But no, I get the 10% every pay period which is twice (!!!) what I thought I would be getting.

But the important part of all this is that I now make more per hour than that pipsqueak Mary who is still in college and was making more than me as an entry level receptionist. Used to burn me up at the unfairness of my cheapy company. But now I have pulled ahead. Neener neener neener!!!

Today they had pizza at work and brownies from A Sweet Affair. I could not eat a brownie, but he had put a plastic ziplock bag in my purse (because I had an advance email about the pizza and brownies) to save my monster brownie for him. I got a German Chocolate brownie with coconut topping like on a German Chocolate cake. I was coming back down the hall and heard Amor say "Paycheck, bonus and pizza! What a day!"

Tomorrow I have to go back to Jason's and help January go through my mother's things. Then it is January's birthday dinner, but I am about all egged out, so I won't make deviled eggs this time. Maybe something else, like chips and layered bean thingy. I have this recipe for fake guac that tastes very good in this layered dip, and it stays green unlike the real stuff. He is going to ask Jason if he can go over on Sunday to watch the Superbowl on the giant TV. This is good, for then I will not have to have sports on and I can sew and watch videos or my Star Wars Clone DVD.

To celebrate my fiscal advance, I went over to Old Navy on my lunch hour and bought my flip flops for this year - citrus green and bright red! Everyone in the know buys their flip flops in January or February because after that there aren't any. Now I have 8 pairs of nice flip flops in lovely colors. A Cheap Thrill.

Well, the weekend stretches before me. He wants me to take him out to dinner to celebrate the raise. I want him to stop at Texas Back Forty and get some Juicy Beef but he is at some meeting and not answering his phone. Maybe I will go buy some hot dogs. No, I'm too tired. I will wait and see what happens.

He just came home. Looks like we will be having chicken noodle soup out of a can. We are both tired. But no, I scrounged around and found a package of creamed chipped beef that Jason had given me to try. We had creamed chipped beef over toast just like in the fifties. I also made some KopyKat Recipe salad dressing, this time Spaghetti Factory Creamy Pesto, which was a little blah, maybe it is better with fresh basil, but hey, it's January, so I added a little mustard and pepper etc, not bad!

He has been increasingly deaf in his right ear, I mean much more than usual. I could tell he was worried about it, especially with all the kidding he gets about being deaf. He went to the doctor today and they discovered that his only problem is that his ear is very stuffed up. They de-waxed him and now he can hear! He is relieved.

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