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Superbowl Snippets
5:02 p.m. - 2003-01-28

He was gone most of the weekend, well, it is tax season. He had meetings on Saturday and went to the office Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon he went over to Jason's to watch the game on the humongous TV. The size of the TV only provided a better view of the Raiders' defeat, however. Unlike some citizens of nearby Oakland, we did not go out and turn over cars and beat on the police. What was I doing during this time? Part of the time I was out shoppping with Auntie M, who was down for the weekend, sans kinder. She was telling me about her new diet, Sugarbusters, which I had heard of, but not looked into at all. She has lost 6 pounds already. I think it is a low carb sort of regime. I have also lost 6 pounds, but I worked mine off by nearly killing myself with the Firm tape, which I can finally almost follow after many tries.

My sister, Auntie M (called this because her name is also Melissa like my daughter, and she objected to being called Big Melissa, or Old Melissa, though I would have enjoyed that, snicker snicker) has many talents but one of her best is her ability to make great gravy. At January's birthday on Saturday, Jason had made pot roast in several crockpots. Usually his pot roast is a little dry because he uses a leaner cut, but this time it was very good. There was a lot of broth left in the crockpots so I told M to make gravy. She just boils it up, throws in some seasoning and some flour stirred into water, and voila, delicious gravy. I was interested to see her sprinkle in what looked like a lot of garlic powder, I would not have thought of that.

I spent the next day sewing. I tried a new shirt pattern, from the Martha Pullen Women's shirt pattern. I have been looking for a good raglan shirt pattern, and this turned out to be it. The design is very good, with a modified raglan that meets at the shoulder instead of the neck. Made up, it has an elegant drape, is not too big in the sleeves and just looks great. Looks like I will be making lots of these. While all this was going on, I was watching reruns of Trading Spaces. I have ongoing discussions with the girls about the designers and their deficits and advantages. Sometimes the rooms look nice, and sometimes the walls are mud colored and the room is wierd. You would have to be brave to let those people into your house.

Yesterday at work, I was putting off working on a really stinky file. It was the one that was a canal that traverses several lots and has no title history and is just ugly. Then Bernadette came by, needing work to do and asked if she could take some of mine. I nicely said she could take one of my files, and she took that one, because it was the only other one on my desk. She greatly regretted it later, but hey, I did not force her to take it, but I did chuckle inside as the horrid file was carried away from me forever! We had a nice laugh over it later in the film room, and she is still working on it today.

We got our calendars today and I am down for being off the Friday of Stitches, so I get to go to the market on Friday this year! I just told them I have a conference to go to. No sense telling business people that you are going to go knit.

When one is at work, snippets of conversation come your way. It would be rude to intrude on someone else's conversation, so I am left wondering about these tantalizing fragments. Today they were talking about someone whose husband or boyfriend put her (__?__) down the garbage disposal. Great shock was expressed, and horror. Then something about her looking for somewhere else to live. Is she leaving him because he ground up her (__?__) and what did he grind up? Inquiring minds want to know.

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