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Spring is Here, I Hear
4:41 p.m. - 2003-02-07

I am breaking my rule about not being on the computer before I do my exercises, but I have Darsey's cold this week and am tired, but as colds go, not too bad. Just about every file I worked on this week was a stinker, and the one I ended the week with was the stinkiest yet, and I have to finish it up on Monday. So I plan to really rest up this weekend, and sew. He has to go to Nora's funeral tomorrow with the EGs, in San Francisco. I usually beg off from funerals if I don't really know the person, so it is just as well I am sick this weekend. I do not want to spend Saturday afternoon in a church trying desperately not to cough.

The weather is clear and nippy, and there have been no further quakes. The left side of the lawn is a mass of violets now, the most I have seen in several years. There are buds on the freesias and blossoms are beginning to come out on the almond trees, and I am beginning to get a little sneezy, so spring is on the way!

Jason is going to turn in the mondo truck. He feels that three minor traffic "incidents" in the last 6 months are telling him that the truck has a dangerous blind spot on the right side, and he feels maybe it is too big of a truck for him. Joel, Jane and Jellie Bean come over for dinner every Wednesday too now, and it is interesting seeing Jane in her new relaxed lifestyle. She is really a funny person. She goes in for her surgery next week; of course, Bean is always there so I can't really come out and ask her exactly what kind of surgery (I just know it is not something awful like you know what), and Joel, being a man, is hopeless with the useful information.

This week I have been reading the book, Strong Women Stay Young about the benefits of strength training for women. I already have the barbells, but the routine called for 20 lb ankle weights (they are adjustable, so you start out with 3 lb on each ankle). I found the ones recommended at Sportmart, and they were even on sale! I tried the exercises for the first time yesterday. The book goes on and on about how the scientific study was done on elderly people, some in their 90's. I want strong bones, so I am going to do it 3 times a week. It is not too bad, no hopping around, because, let's face it, who can hop around with ankle weights on? I want to be one mass of highly metabolic muscle, that can eat anything it wants without gaining weight.

I got my order of cone thread! I already had about 15 cones. They make 220 colors, yet in my order, they substituted for colors they did not have in stock, and managed to send me two duplicate colors I already had. What are the odds? I don't care, I eventually will use it all, somehow. One of the first things I sewed was to fix a pair of his pants that strangely frayed at the hem, and they were a new pair of Dockers. The fabric must be a bad batch or something, and I told him to watch out that they do not pop open all down the leg crease, which would be embarrassing for him and hilarious for me. Cone thread...I love my cone thread.

Last night I was watching part of the Michael Jackson thing, and he came in and paused, "What is that??" he asked. "A freak show," I replied.

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