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12:37 p.m. - 2003-02-16

There is a new tortilla factory in Dana Plaza. It is a little store with the tortilla making going on in the back, and Mexican groceries up front. I keep looking at it and wondering about the tortillas. Finally on Friday I decided to get on over there and try it out. The torts were great, only $1.50 for about 4 dozen. Since I had just bought tortillas at Los Montanas, I now had no room in the freezer, so I had to think of something to do with them.

Jason told me that Jane went home from the hospital on Friday, so I decided to take over a get well card and some dinner for next week when Joel goes back to work. I made a lot of tacos with some pork I had, and some bean and cheese tacos for Beany, who dislikes meat, unless it is hotdogs. I took them over, still hot, and Joel ditched his plans for whatever he was making for dinner and they ate them instead. Hopefully enough were left over for when they need them (since I don't think three people can eat two and a half dozen fat tacos in one sitting, do you?). I must comment that even post-operative and reclining languidly on the couch, Jane was as gorgeous as ever.

I asked Jason if he would be having the birthday dinner for Cindy, and he said he thought not. It would be too sad, he thinks. Instead, he may take himself to visit Janet, since it is her birthday too. It must have been nice for Cindy to have a best friend all her life with the same birthday. Anyway, Janet wants him to come visit and talk over old times, and though he complains about it a lot, I think he wants to go. I don't know if she still lives in San Diego, but it is down in that direction. Jason was telling me that when he met Cindy he was on a date with Janet, but after he met Cindy, Janet was passe. Janet married a nice guy who was art director of the San Diego Zoo, and both she and Cindy named their first daughter Cynthia (that would be me).

Today in church, Cindy McC. came up and I was asking her when her new (and first) grandbaby was due. She is so excited, she told me that she bought a used crib to keep in the spare room to encourage the new parents to drop off the baby often. EG said that's what they did too. I couldn't believe my ears. If ever there were uninvolved grandparents, they would be it. They never babysat. But I kept the polite smile on my face, and absorbed this revisionist history.

I told Joel that if he and Jane wanted a break, they could bring Bean over today, so she will be here in about an hour. I am going to have her make a cake all on her own, using the recipe for Wacky Cake. Since no eggs are involved, she can splatter as much as she wants. She loves the games on this computer, I think just because they are different from what she has at home.

Had fun at the quilt show. I bought myself a pin made of fimo, a spectacular cat, and I went to the Country Store booth and got some old knitting books and a book on braided rugs. I might want to try that some day, who knows. I saw a show one time on the brain, and the upshot was that people should keep learning new things and acquiring new skills all their lives because it causes the brain to get new brain cells and stay sharp. So some day I'll have to really get into jewelry making and picture painting etc.

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