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Duck and Cover Encore
4:41 p.m. - 2003-02-23

Well, I read in the paper that there was a fatal, gang-type shooting in the parking lot of the Duck and Cover Wal-Mart. Makes one not really want to shop in Pittsburg, doesn't it? This not being the first shooting, you would think they would get a security patrol, or at least surveillance cameras.

One of my daughters, who is very fond of Sears, will be interested to hear that the renovation of the Sunvalley Sears is complete. The store is completely different, massive and open, and has Land's End stuff too. I would go in one door and be lost, because it looks so different, I don't even know where the elevator is anymore, or if it is still there. There is a big escalator in the middle that goes down to the much enlarged downstairs. However, their dumbbells are really overpriced.

Today, he had to go into the office and when he came back, we went out to buy more dumbbells. The book is right, I am getting stronger very fast. I am past the five-pound level, but not quite up to the 8-pound level. We went to buy 10-pound and 15-pound dumbbells, and I had to take him because how else would I get them into the car? There were some annoying little twerps in the Sportmart wearing the football equipment and throwing a football right by my head. If it wasn't for lawyers, I would have smacked them. Maybe with a dumbbell.

Today I planted the bulbs he dug up in the fall because they had overgrown the space. Holy Cow, there are a million of them. They seemed to like sitting in the garage all winter, and look great and raring to go. I only planted about 2/3 of them because I got tired of digging and I lamely got a blister on my palm. Right now I am going to make some garden burgers from scratch, just for the fun of it, because I bought a big box of mushrooms at Costco, and must use them up. Salmon for dinner tonight.

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