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Totemo oishikatta desu
8:18 a.m. - 2003-03-08

Yesterday we went to Benihana for lunch. It was pretty good and interesting, but it is like renting a movie as opposed to going to the theater and paying big bucks. You are free to enjoy it because you are not paying a high price for it, so you are less critical. The best part of it was that at the next table two little kids were utterly awed by the table antics, and we enjoyed watching their faces as the table guy threw knives around.

We have been dreading being in the lame company dinner musical number, so my boss took control of the situation and gently suggested to the lady in charge that it would be better, and less people would drop out, if all we had to do was stand in the back and wave flags, as opposed to having to learn dance steps and droppping to one knee, and other indignities. She agreed and we had a run through which was actually fun, so all is better on that front.

Last week some company bigwig came to talk to us to tell us that the Big Lady Boss was moving to the other office for half the week, and that they had decided to keep our office open "Because our company is all about people and we really didn't want to lose so many skilled people". Excuse me, but did you not recently fire half of them? So I was regarding that as a load of crap, but I was looking at him across the map table and remembered that I had been reading my high school reunion web site this week and had seen a picture of someone who looked similar. The girl who was our Homecoming Queen had married a guy with the same name as this guy. Could it be him? I casually mentioned this to my boss when we were back in the office and she got all excited and gave me permission to go on the internet and pull up the page. We gathered around and looked at the picture and sure enough, it was the same guy. He must have been in my brother Eric's class. My boss was tickled by this for some reason, I guess she knows him (the company bigwig, I mean).

He still has a cold, but is better and went in to the office today. So it is Saturday, and I am alone to putter around and do whatever I want. I think I will cut out some shirts and maybe make some rolls. I am very cheerful this weekend, having gotten word that my daughter is back safely from Spring Break in Florida, an adventure we agreed to but still worried about.

Next week he has a meeting in Texas, and will meet up with Daughter #1, who will be on Spring Break that week. She gets to go out with the board honchos for their dinner, having once spent Thanksgiving with one of them (the millionaire Texas rancher). I always use the occasion of the absence of my spouse to take myself out to dinner, but since I am dieting, I will have to think of something less caloric as a treat.

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