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Timely Omens
5:46 p.m. - 2003-03-13

Yesterday was the day of the company dinner. I have a dumb game I play during the day, like a Find A Penny Pick It Up sort of thing. If I look at the clock and it says 1234 or 123 or 234 or 345 it is good luck, or a good omen. It has to be done by accident, not by design. I look over at the car clock and presto, I looked at just the right moment, it is 12:34! Yesterday I caught 12:34, 1:23, 2:34, and 3:45 all by accident! I wondered if something good was in store for me.

I had planned to run out and do errands after work and come back for the dinner, but my boss made me stay (I did get time and a half overtime, so that was good). We were all nervous about the musical number, and our boss went over early to help set up. We were told to come over about 5. I went over to discover that the event was being held in the selfsame room as my mother's memorial service, but I decided to forget that. They were setting up the buffet, and I was starving. I sat there trying to figure out how long until we ate, when the head corporate person got up on the stage and told those of us who were early to go ahead and eat!! I had thought out my buffet plan of action and took mostly veggies and three servings of prime rib. Why waste your time is my motto. Then the program began. They had a guy pretending to be Ozzie Osbourne and some lady was his wife. The guy was great, very funny, and he had the accent down pat. The lady was so so. After a bit of corporate blather, they had some awards. I was still dreading the musical number so didn't pay that much attention, I mean who cares if some escrow officer from Benicia gets a plaque? Then the Big Lady Boss went up and talked a bit and then said she wanted to give an award to someone who came in as a temp and then went on to roll out FAST in the policies, and I thought "Oh Crap! That's me!" and sure enough, it was. I got a plaque for Most Versatile Employee. After that the program began and thank heaven, we were first. It was a take-off of American Idol, and they had a panel with Faux Ozzie, Faux Paula, and some guy who looks like George Lucas, only plumper. We marched out and did our number, and Renee made me laugh by getting the words all wrong so I had to hold up my star with the words taped to the back so she could see. We got a lot of applause, but the panel tore us to shreds, and then we were done. Ahhhhh.

Tonight I am going to make spaghetti and watch Survivor. A big storm is coming in they say, but I plan to be asleep by the time it gets here.

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