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Out Damned Spot
5:53 p.m. - 2003-03-27

I mostly sewed last weekend, and puttered around, and went to the movies and saw Cody Banks (so so). I also noticed a strange new spot on his forehead. I told him he needed to see the doctor, and he only agreed if I went to the hassle of making the appointment. I think he hoped I would forget. Which I did, but only on Monday. On Tuesday I made the appointment, and miraculously, it was for the very next morning. I called him at work to tell him and he hemmed and hawed and said he would have to look in his schedule. There was a silence after that, so I laughed and said, "There's nothing in your schedule is there?!", and he was forced to admit that yes, he was free. So he went to the appointment the next day, and the doctor said it looked OK, but he made an appointment for him to see the dermatologist the very next day (also annoying to him). Today he got the all clear from the dermatologist so now neither one of us has to worry. But this should scare him into being more diligent with the sunscreen, I hope.

Found out this week that Jina is leaving work for a new job, so today we had her going away luncheon at Claim Jumper, still not my favorite restaurant. Everyone else was walking over to the Willows, but heck with that, I did not want to ignite my allergies, so I said I would drive. Intense peer pressure followed to walk over, but Amore wanted to drive, I could tell, so I told him he could go with me. I mean, he had pneumonia last week for goodness sake. So seeing that I would not give in to the pressure to walk, he was glad to go with me. Something about eating all around a big table made my co-workers very verbose, and I found out lots of things about them I didn't know before. For instance, I found out that M was married before, which I didn't know, and he told me how his wife went nuts and became anorexic, then dumped him at their anniversary dinner. So he was single for awhile and then got pushed into a blind date by Terry (who is the same one who organized our musical number for the awards dinner) and that's how he met his present wife, who used to work with me, but left for another company. He told me how inscribed inside his wedding band is "Thanks, Terry!" His former wife would not have kids, but now he has a beautiful (no kidding, I have seen the pictures) son who is the light of his life.

Went to Jason's last night and Jellie is still enamored of the game Ghost, which I do not enjoy, as it involves spelling words etc, meaning one has to pay attention when you'd rather be watching TV. I got her to play backwards word instead, and who knew, but Jason is a whiz at that, he must be able to think backwards and spell backwards at lightning speed. It was actually really fun, even Jane joined in. I cheated by writing the words down, but it was after work, and I was tired.

This Saturday I may get to go to the Bead Show in Oakland, if he drives me in, because I do not want to spend most of the day waiting for the Bart train. He seems OK with the idea, especially since I told him it is in the hotel and he can just go upstairs and read the paper and buy a cup of coffee while I do the bead thing, and since it starts at 9:00, we would still have most of the day left. I do not look too helpless, I think, but when I told LM that I was going into Oakland for Stitches she said "You ARE going with your husband aren't you?!!" as if the wicked denizens of Oakland would leap on me the minute I stepped off the Bart car. So I was talking to Michele (who is the one who told me about the bead show in the first place) and I mentioned I may take Bart, and she got all worried and said I should only go with my husband. I told her I have gone by myself many times, but it made me ponder how other people see me, maybe as a gentle, naive, sort of person who needs a protector? People around here are scared of Oakland and Richmond (well, good reason there). Oakland seems to be OK in the daytime, as long as people are not rioting or something. One time my mother was driving through Richmond late at night and someone threw a rock at her car from an overpass. That sort of thing does not inspire tourism.

I can hear my spaghetti water boiling so time to make some hasta pasta.

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