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Ho Ho Ho, Don't Drink and Drive
7:23 p.m. - 2003-03-31

I was not really looking forward to this weekend because I had to go to traffic school on Sunday, which is an entire day of excrutiating boredom. However, Michele at work told me about a bead show being held on Saturday in Oakland, and I got him to drive me in, though I took BART back. It was his turn to provide the Saturday morning refreshments at the office, something they do during tax season, so I exerted myself and made yeast rolls stuffed with ham and cheese, kind of a mondo cheese zombie. He also took lots of nice fruit. So what happens??! The building next door has a bomb scare and they evacuate both buildings, everyone leaves, most go home, and the food I stayed up til midnight on Friday to have done in time rots all by itself in an empty building.

The bead show was fantastic, though, and I had a great time. My favorite purchase was a packet of beads shaped like fruit in bright opaque colors. I am going to make a Chikita Banana necklace.

The next day I went to a traffic school taught by Santa Claus. His name was Mike, and he is an actor who plays Santa in commercials and whatever else is going that needs a Santa. He has a thick white beard and big belly. He was a very very good teacher, but traffic school is no longer the fun time it used to be (sarcasm intended). The state sends out spies who sit in on the classes with stop watches to make sure every minute is spent teaching, and the law dictates how many minutes that MUST be. If we come back late from lunch, we have to stay after. If the teacher lets you out early, he has committed a felony, and so have you for leaving. I was clever and took my stadium seat, but was still 'back' weary before even two hours were up.

Today was the end of the month namerun and was not too bad. Good thing too, since my boss is out of town. She went to London with her husband and is probably having a great time eating fish and chips, which is the first thing I would do if I ever got to go to England. Now, because I had to get up early to get to work early for the namerun, I did not do my exercises, so must go lift weights.

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