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Morning Maunderings
4:45 a.m. - 2003-04-05

Hopefully my boss will be back from her vacation by Tuesday, because it is stressful doing the namerun without any backup. I had an annoying exchange with an escrow officer on Friday, I mean who needs to keep getting emails while you are trying to plow through a huge stack of files?

Me to her: This document # xx-xxxxx came up this morning on the namerun in reference to file number xxxxxx. We did not pull it, but I am notifying you so that it may be added to future preliminary reports or policies if necessary. Please let me know if you need a copy of this document.

Her to Me: what department are you in Cynthia?

Me to Her: Subdivision

Her to Me: Thanks, but I am wondering why on earth you would be pulling the file for this document when it was filed by our company and is probably in the Master and is not a lien?

Note from me: If it was in the Master, I would know it, and how could it be, having just been filed, which is why it is on the namerun, and which is why I am told to notify you, what, am I an idiot??

Me to Her: We wouldn't pull it for that, but because I do the namerun, a message from me in the morning is often met with great nervousness so I throw in the part about not pulling it just to put minds at ease.

Note from me: So many times when I call the EO's they have a hissy fit so I usually hurry to say I'm not pulling it so they won't have a heart attack on the phone.

Her to Me. OK, thanks.

And that's how it goes for me, Your Friendly Morning Voice of Title Doom.

I was looking forward to going to the library book sales last night, but when I got to Jason's to take him to the booksale and Costco, we looked at my circular about the sales and they are next Friday. I was a week ahead of myself. So we went to Costco and then home again. I was very tired so went to sleep around 7:30 and here I am all rested and ready for the day at 4:30 in the morning, typing on the computer.

Today I have to go to the bank and then go help Jason and Auntie M with the birthday dinner. Jason has changed his mind about 4 times on what to have for dinner, but now has bought the groceries, so must have settled on something. He first wanted corned beef and cabbage, but remember, my brothers are married to Irish girls and they said they just had that on St. Patrick's Day, so he thought about roasted chickens, but now we are having chili relleno casserole, rice, beans, and tortillas with cream pies for dessert. This sounds good, because I cannot eat too much chili relleno without heartburn consequences so it is an automatic diet, since fear keeps down consumption.

I am going to make some beads with polymer clay, because I can't find the beads I want in the stores. It looks fairly easy, and I already have a toaster oven used for clay work by my daughter. I got a book which shows beautiful examples of what you can do, and it looks easy. They use a pasta machine for rolling the clay, and I have one, but it is a really good machine and I was saving it to give to one of the girls if they ever wanted to make pasta, so I will have to get another cheap one just for clay. Jason said I could have his, which he knows he saw about a year ago somewhere, but I think January took it. Oh well, I have some birthday money left.

At work, Darsey is back after a bout with sudden onset pneumonia. I told her we wondered if she had SARS, and she said the doctors wondered too, but they ruled it out because she has not been to the orient lately. This struck me as stupid because she could have been in Target next to someone who had been there recently, so what does that prove? Lots of pneumonia going around. I think I will stay out of the asian market for awhile.

He may have to go to DeMoines for the funeral of the lady who dropped dead in the opera. Actually, he told me it was the ballet, and I, ever with the wicked sense of humor, asked him how long it took them to discover she was dead, the ballet being full of people unconscious from the sheer boredom of it all. He will be back in time to go get our youngest daughter home from college, so it all works out well. Not for the ballet lady of course, but for us.

I have successfully weaned Bean off the game Ghost, which I hate, and onto backward word. We are still cheating and using paper and pencil, but at least we are not playing Ghost. She is getting so big now, almost a teenager. The baby I used to take care of is really growing up. Friday when I came home from work, Sarah from next door walked across the lawn carrying an umbrella and came up to the car to say hello, which she has never done before. She chatted a bit and showed me her umbrella, and I told her Angela is coming home in a few weeks. I think she is four now, and is really cute. In other neighbor news, there is now a for sale sign on Mrs. B's house next door. So soon there will be new neighbors on that side. I miss Mrs. B.

I think I will go make salmon patties, since it is now almost dawn.

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