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Palm Sunday
3:17 p.m. - 2003-04-13

Well, saw the favored grandchild at church (!) today. His hair is shorn and he seems more confident and proud of himself, as well he should. He goes into the army in about 5 weeks. To get ready, he is taking hikes up Mt. Diablo. He also confided to me that he has always been a little squeamish at the sight of blood (not beneficial in a soldier) so to train himself, he is watching the surgery channel. Not really a bad idea, all in all.

On Friday we had the promised lunch at work. The boss decided in favor of The Mecca instead of Texas Back Forty. The Mecca is famous around here as excellent Mexican food, but really, I don't know why. It is mediocre to so so, and the pork is not well seasoned, tasting too porky. But everyone else seems to love it, I mean the Anglos, of course. I have never written Anglo before, I wonder if that is how it is spelled. I would much rather have juicy beef from Texas Back Forty.

I found some old silver beads that my dad gave me that used to be in a necklace of my mom's, but the necklace has been broken for a long time. I used them with the fake turquoise I made and the necklace looks terrific, if I say so myself. Faux stones are pretty easy to make, and I want to try more colors. I bought a bead magazine just for an ad it had in it that shows strings of beads on a black ground. The colors were so pretty I needed that ad to try and make some beads to match, so I forked out about $5 just for that one page. The rest of the mag was merely OK.

It is time to put my rolls in the oven and then on to Craig's house. He was excellent in church this morning, is really quite a good actor. He did a little scene about an old carpenter who made the cross. Then my eyes glanced down the bulletin and he was not the sermon! The sermon was still to come!! I felt gypped because I was so looking forward to no sermon. And it was a long one too. That is the closest I have ever come to falling asleep in church.

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