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Mom's Night In
5:46 p.m. - 2003-04-17

Back when the girls were little, I used to have a Mom's night out by myself. I would put dinner on the table and as soon as he came home, I would tear out the door and go to the movies. By myself. I loved it. I would sit in the theater mostly by myself and watch things he wouldn't want to see on the big screen. Movies were cheaper then.

Right now he is out of town to the funeral of the ballet lady and I am having Mom's Night In. I buy food he doesn't like and have a nice meal for myself. Tonight I am making a porterhouse steak, spinach souffle, corn with red peppers and broccoli in it, and baked sweet potatoes. And Fritos. Then I am going to watch a video that Jason loaned to me, a foreign film about historical Korea.

We went to Craig and Sue's for Palm Sunday Dinner and I always enjoy going there, but this time they all spent several hours talking about legal cases and taxes and estate planning, and I almost put my head down on the table and expired from boredom. I had already been through a long sermon that morning, and this just seemed too much boredom to heap on one person in a single day. But of course, I smiled and nodded and acted interested. Had ham, but it was hot.

This week I have been making beads out of polymer clay and enjoying it very much. I was reading my bead magazine and see that there are some really nifty sounding bead stores in Sacramento. He wanted to take me to Placerville on Saturday, so maybe I can talk him into going to Sacramento instead, maybe taking in a museum too. I would enjoy a drive.

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