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Crop Failure
5:29 p.m. - 2003-04-23

This working full time for a living really really, well, sucks. It doesn't leave time for the real things in life. What has me bummed this time is that I was so busy working that my cucumbers came up and I did not get them out of the greenhouse atmosphere in time and they mostly all died of damp rot. Phooey. Now I have to start over. Good thing I have a whole packet left over from last year, I think, or else I will have to reorder the seeds. The basil is doing OK though.

There is a new bead store in town, over near where the EGs used to live. I stopped in today at lunch time and it is OK, a little sparse as they are just starting out, but they had some good tools, and I got a nifty wire cutter I have been needing, the toenail clipper I was using before not really doing the best job.

Today is the Bean's birthday, which I had totally forgotten, but had to look at my calendar at work for something and it suddenly struck me that today is the birthday of Shirley Temple, and also the Bean. I was wrapping her present after work when he called me from the airplane on his cellphone, a novel experience for him. Now that I think of it, I am amazed he got the thing working, it has been around charging up for about a month. He was in Tucson to meet a big new client. I forgot to ask him to bring me back some turquoise.

At work I am training Amor to do the namerun so that there will be someone to do it when I am on vacation. Next week I will train Jessica also. I had forgotten mostly how scary the namerun is, and was very amused by the terror in Amor's eyes and by his comment that it is a good thing he is only the backup to Jessica. So I will be training Jessica on the end of the month namerun day. That should scare her spitless. In addition to this training stuff, my printer is acting up and I have to open the hatch and feed it paper a little at a time. My boss says that until it is definitely kaput there is no use calling for service, so I have to use the lame thing the way it is.

Jason just called to remind me about the birthday, so I better go on over there.

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