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Change of Seasons
10:16 a.m. - 2003-04-26

I once read a story in a women's magazine about an older couple who were observing the changes in their neighborhood. They compared it to an empty bird nest in their tree, in which the baby birds had grown and flown away, and now a new family of robins had come to the tree with the new baby birds. They said their neighborhood was like that, with the older folks gradually leaving and new young families moving in. We have had the right-hand neighbors move off to Rossmoor, and a new young family move in, and I like the sound of their little kids in the yard (not their new yipping dog, however), and now there is a for sale sign on Mrs. B's house with a Sale Pending on it. Mr. Ed and his wife were away for two weeks, and she just called me to ask if we knew anything about the new people. I had to tell her that no, even though he usually knows everything about everything that is going on around here, this time we know nothing. It is interesting and exciting, as long as they do not have a motorcycle that they ride around the back yard, a situation I have lived through before, not good.

Last night I came home from work so tired, I thought about going to bed, but he called and asked how about a spur of the moment dinner out with his friend Dennis and fiance? This was preferable to cooking so we went to Bo's Barbecue in Lafayette, and a pleasant time was had by all. I even perked up a bit. We will see them again in three weeks when we go to their wedding. I had the brisket, which was good, but I think I like Juicy Beef better, of course because it is much fattier.

Today he has one of those art thingy board meetings out on the peninsula, so I am trapped here without a car, which is OK because I am cutting out shirts and making lentil soup. What with birthday dinners and nights out and cravings for juicy beef, we have not been eating in a very healthy way for the last week and a half so we will have to get back in the swing of things. It doesn't help that I had sweet potato pie for breakfast, left over from the restaurant. They were thanking him for doing their taxes so many times by taking us out, and Dennis wanted to pile every available food item on our plates. We had the dinner, sodas, and he insisted on getting us ice cream and a whole little pie. We had to take most of the pie home, as we waddled out to the car.

The weather here is quite strange. We are still having the winter storm pattern, and it is almost May for pete's sake. Wettest spring in 20 years "they" say. Probably won't get the garden in for another month.

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