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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
4:30 p.m. - 2003-05-02

I had scheduled two days off for May 1 and 2, why I don't remember, but now they are here, and I am really enjoying them. He is off to Atlanta to fetch the Baby Girl home, and I am holed up here in the unseasonably rainy weather sewing and sewing and sewing. Yesterday I ran errands and got my eyes examined. At work, Darsey told me about a new kind of glasses with magnetic clip-ons, and I asked about those. Apparently, they are very popular. What I liked about them is two pairs of glasses for the price of one. I still needed to order my computer glasses, since I was informed by the amused doctor that I have one eye that sees far, and one that sees near, so instead of getting bifocals (booo, hisss), I can get one pair to drive with and see far, and one pair for reading and computing. It will be nice to see again.

I spent this morning repairing the results of an avalanche in my closet caused by his rooting around for clothes to take on his trip. I finally got out all my yarn that I had stashed in there and put it in Space Bags. Made me want to knit again. Then I heard a wierd noise and checked the dehumidifier in the girls' room, and it was all iced up, so I had to turn it off and vacuum all the accumulated dust out, which sounds bad, but was really rather fun, because now it works great. Then I finished up a pretty shirt except for the buttons, because even though I have a humonguous button stash, none matched. Then I remembered that I was cooking a sugar syrup to make granola, but alas, I discovered how fast sugar turns to a thick carbon coating on one's saucepan, which is now soaking, and will be for some time to come. Then I had to air out the house from the clouds of sugar/carbon smoke. Now I am making a green ramie jumper and heating up some stuffed peppers.

My dad mentioned to me that he is having trouble finding No. 1 pencils, which we both like because the soft leads are good for many writing and craft purposes. He has been to all the supply stores, and no one has them. I thought I had a few boxes squirreled away so told him I would look around. I had a dozen boxes of pencils stashed. What was I thinking?? So my pack rat tendencies came in handy once again and I was able to give him lots of pencils.

I wonder how Amor did on the namerun...too late now though.

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