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Sunny Days, Makes You Feel Fine
4:59 p.m. - 2003-05-05

I really enjoyed those days off, and for a change, they seemed really long. I sewed two shirts and a jumper, did many errands, and ate out of my own freezer thereby saving money. Yesterday, my daughter came back from college, and was somewhat impressed by the cleanup job I did on her room, leaving the floor free while maintaining the safety of the massive collection of StarWars figures belonging to the older daughter, Agentmerp. This got me thinking (during the Sunday sermon) of how I should clean out the sewing room closet, since it has been so inaccessible for so many years, that what difference does it make if I throw all that stuff out? Then I could stick all my boxes of patterns in there and free up some floor space in there too.

I explained to my daughter my plans for shelving in the bedroom, and she is busy with measurements and floor plans and is figuring out the whole thing for me. I knew a budding engineer would come in handy some time. We are going to IKEA on Saturday to scope it out.

Back to work this morning, and Amor was not there today, hope the namerun did not do him in. Couldn't find my namerun book and panic almost snuck up on me, but at the last minute I found it on Amor's desk and all went well. While I was out, they had planned a potluck for Cinco de Mayo, so when I was out on my early lunch, I went to Trader Joe's and got some Dulce De Leche candy for the potluck. Potlucks are interesting to me, because the food is so different from my food. It is blander and the flavors are not as "sparkly", but maybe that is from sitting around in a crockpot waiting for the potluck to start. It was a little slow today, but I had a book on tape and there is always a stack of APN maps to be filed, so I did that.

Now I have to do my exercises and get dinner started. The sun is finally shining and maybe spring will stick around for awhile, but I am not complaining, because at least we don't get tornadoes.

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