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Using the Little Grey Cells
8:42 a.m. - 2003-05-11

Things are percolating at the office because one of the young workers announced that she was pregnant (but not married of course). I find this sad because these young people have no idea how their life will change forever, and they think they can go on bopping through life in a carefree manner. She had told the boss and other people earlier, but was afraid that I would be mad at her because I am the mother of girls and I would disapprove. So she sent me an email. Later, I got a secret email from Darsey asking me what I thought about it, and if I was as surprised as they were. I told her that no, I was not surprised, and that I had suspected as much for a long time. Let's see now, a person goes on a trip to see old boyfriend, comes back and has recurring stomach upset morning after morning, and this person, who used to hate all fruits and veggies, is now eating them. Duh. Darsey had suspected too, and she said we were regular detectives and should join CSI. Too late to disapprove now, not my business anyway, and I like babies, maybe she will bring it in to the office often.

Yesterday I took the youngest daughter shopping to buy some clothes suitable for working in an office, meaning one pair of pants and several tops. Everywhere the stores are having huge sales to dump their merchandise, so we spent only about $75 for 6 items of clothing. Then I had to start my seeds again because of the previous crop failure. I potted up the survivors and things are looking better. It was so hot while I was doing this, because the big tree is no longer there and the sun was beating down on my back. It is a different world out there now with the two big trees gone to tree valhalla. There is still a cat out there, prowling through the grass. Why can't they stay in their own yards? I have a new garden book that has a shoo-cat mixture to splash around, so I'll have to try that. I could trap the cat with my trusty cat cage, but it has a collar so is off limits to me, ethics-wise, and though I have been known to take the slingshot to big marauding dogs that got into the yard, a cat is too small for that. Maybe I will just take to throwing a fish over the fence.

Speaking of which, the rains this spring have caused the back ivy to grow about 6 feet higher, like Day of the Triffids or something, and I can no longer see over it. He will have to hack and slash it sometime, but meanwhile, strange doings are happening over the fence. I don't know if new people moved in or not, but they seem to have a party every night. Luckily, they are not too loud so live and let live. It is just strange to have a lively bunch in this staid neighborhood. Well, staid since the motorcycle guy moved out years ago.

Today we are going to IKEA since they used up yesterday looking for a new car, the van being dead in the driveway. I like IKEA, since I can almost afford it. We have it sort of planned out and are mostly going for a look-see in case they have new pieces. My room is such a disaster now, in fact the whole house is, but my hope is to put up these shelving units in the bedroom on two whole walls so that lots of my extra books and junk can go up there and get out from under the piano, desk, chairs and every other nook and cranny. He is still talking about painting next weekend, no wait, next weekend is the wedding, so that might work out if he paints in the morning and then we leave for the wedding and stay overnight in the Gold Country, the wedding being on Sunday. That way we would have a place to sleep, always a plus. That means I have to go choose a color.

I came to a realization that the colors I like are mostly food related - decor colors, I mean. I like a Cafe Ole color, even though I hate most tans, and other colors that bring to mind chocolate milk or butter or raspberry cream. I am leaning toward a lovely buttery creamy yellow for the bedroom with white trim. The rug is a darker yellow anyway, or will be when I clean it. I used to have to wait til he was available to rent the rug cleaner, it being heavy, but now that I am pumping iron I will do it myself.

Time to go to church.

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