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Butter and Cream
6:25 a.m. - 2003-05-24

After a lazy dinner of bought roast chicken and salad, because it was beastly hot, we set out to the hardware store to actually buy paint. A little breeze was starting so we had hopes that the fog would come in later. The people at the hardware store were helpful and buying paint was a pleasant experience, and even fun. Abby and I watched the colorant go into the containers and we liked watching the "Shake It Shake It, Baby" machine that mixed them up. I based my color scheme on food, of course. The walls are a light butter yellow, the ceiling a lighter tone, and the trim is the color of cream. I was ingnorant of the fact that you also had to pick a white color for them to mix, white is white, right? But no, you get a paint chip for the white too, and they mix colorant into it. In addition, this was Dutch Boy paint, and it no longer comes in a metal can, but this cool plastic container that has a built in spout for pouring and is easy to handle. Science marches on! And when we came out of the store, there were breezy gusts, and the temperature had dropped 15 degrees! We went from roasto to freezo in about an hour as the glorious fog rolled across the countryside.

This morning I am up typing on the computer, but in a bit, we are setting out in two cars, or rather, car and truck, to IKEA. The energetic two feel that they can paint and get the shelves, put together the shelves, and do the whole thing in one weekend. My job is to go buy a new drapery rod. We are like Trading Spaces, I tell you what! I realize that Abby reported last that he was prone on the bed, but his exhaustion only set us back a day, so Friday he cleared out the bedroom, mostly, and today is the scrub down, patch up day. I wonder why one scrubs down, but patches up. Tomorrow is painting, and Monday is put back together. He was ridiculing my vast quantity of stuff and pointing out that out of 45 boxes of junk, 40 are of my stuff, but I pointed out that the garage exits, full of his things. He says that is because I took over the room and relegated his stuff to the garage, which I take as a sign of victory, so I just laughed.

There was an article in the paper yesterday about the new upscale apartment complex going in across the street from the new police station. It is actually getting done, after slow going for so long. The stucco is on and the paint is even on half of it. I am hoping they have an open house so we can go over and see it, just out of pure curiosity. Last week they trucked in two humongous palm trees and stuck them up in the front. I also got a file at work with a commercial committment for property near the back library parking lot, so I ran the map and showed it to him and he says they are going to put in townhouses and homes. The city is trying to bring in lots of upscale housing downtown to bring in folks with $$ to frequent the businesses, along with their general plan to spiff the place up. The streets already look much better with the center strips all landscaped. It's as if they have spent years and millions catering to the underprivileged and giving them housing and perks, and now it is time to give rich people their turn! I'm all for it, being a strong believer in trickle down. Which actually works.

I have found from experience that I get up on Saturday and tell myself that I will go do the computer, or sewing or whatever, now and do the exercises later, which of course results in no exercises that day, so I will go pump iron now and get it over with.

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