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Never Saw the Sun Shining So Bright
5:31 p.m. - 2003-06-04

I was going to write about doing over the bedroom, but it was so hot and so much hard work (mostly not by me, however) and tempers were a bit frayed sometimes that I just want it to be done, which it almost is. Now I have to finish unpacking the boxes of my stuff, which I am so eager to do that here I am stalling on the computer. At least I got my sewing table back up. The desk we bought for it turned out to be too big for the space so I am back to my little typing table. I will save the desk for a daughter who gets her own apartment some day. Really, it was only $19.95, so not much of a loss. Boy, I have a lot of stuff.

It was beastly hot the last few days, so much so that I had to put into effect my "Shower an Hour" strategy to stay remotely cooled off, but the fog has rolled in and today was pleasant. I had to go out at lunch and go to Sears to get an extension cord, so I told the helpful man that I needed a surge protector with a 15 foot cord. He stared at me and said "A 50 foot cord?!!?" I laughed and said sure, I only have one outlet in my whole house. But he found the right stuff for me and now I can plug in the sewing machine without it looking too ugly. I also went to the sandwich shop in the mall and got my favorite sandwich, the eggplant, dried tomato and mozzarella with all the salad stuff and good dressing.

This weekend is the shower for Elisabeth, who gets married in September. I decided that each of us would get her something that we considered useful in life, instead of the standard shower gift. He is giving her a big packing tape dispenser and tape, which I suppose he has found much use for, and Abby is giving her a hemostat, scissors and duct tape (having observed how I hold my life together with duct tape, including my car) and I decided to give her a Maglite, which is useful as a flashlight and as a weapon. These items should stand out from the toasters and towels. So I get to see those gushy and well-groomed upscale group of friends of the in-laws again. I find them amusing because they are always going on about some fabulously expensive vacation or restaurant or whatever, and say over and over again, "It was WONderful!!" Why, I don't know, but it seems to be the popular phrase in that town.

Now it is time to go see Jason and eat good Jason food.

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