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Shim Shim Cherie!
4:55 p.m. - 2003-06-06

How could it be 110 degrees hot on Monday and so lovely yesterday and today. I don't care, I'll accept it as the gift it is. I actually slept through the night before last, from 10:30 until 5:30. Jason was jealous, since we share the affliction of early waking and inability to go back to sleep.

Tomorrow we have to go to the wedding shower, using up my precious off-work hours. Oh well. I hope to get the shelf moved into his horrible work corner with all its papers and other, well, crap. The shelf should fit, and will look so much better than the little table with the three foot stack of papers on it. Abby has the livingroom junked up again, but she is making a quilt, so that is OK. My bedroom is so much nicer now that there is more room to do my exercises there, while she is busy with her quilt. She has to clean it up before he comes home, so it is only for a few more days. This weekend I also hope to get the rest of the boxes unpacked, and if I cannot put the stuff somewhere, I should get rid of it, but it's hard, it's hard.

At work, Irene is leaving to go to Commonwealth, which pays much better, I hear. Good for her. I trained her when she first came in over a year ago, and I feel the company is a colossal fool to let her go, as she is one of the smartest young girls I have ever seen, and a good worker. Michele, the orderdesk temp, is also leaving, having gotten a permanent job at another title company. Good for her, too. She loves cats, but put some sort of screen on her computer about there being lots of intelligent species on earth, all of them controlled by cats, a scrolling message, and I hate that damn thing. I have to use the orderdesk computer to get labels for the files, and that thing keeps crashing the computer every time I try to print the labels. I don't think you are supposed to be creative with the setup of the company computers.

Abby and I hope to get the time to see Finding Nemo before he comes back. I still have lots of gift certificates to the movies from past Christmases, and it looks like a good movie.

I looked at the new shelves in the bedroom last night and was disturbed to see that the weight of the books and stuff was causing them to lean forward, not a look you want in shelves in California. Sure, they are bolted to the wall by earthquake tapes, but I didn't want there to be tension on them, gradually pulling the screws from the wall. I decided to shim them, and what to use for a shim?? Clothespins, of course. Readily available, cheap, and it works. I took all the books and mags off of one shelf unit and shimmed it, but that was such a job that I decided to try it on the other shelf without unloading it. I had Abby tilt it back toward the wall, I slid in the clothespin half, and put a block of wood against the end of the clothespin, and hammered it in. To my surprise, it slid in under the end boards of the shelf unit, and the shelves now lean solidly against the walls. Hurray for me! Power to the Women!!

My dad gave me a few jars of pesto sauce he got on sale, because he says they are way too salty. I am going to use one tonight, and maybe I can tone it down by making a pesto cream sauce. Abby is such a pasta freak that I think she would like just about any kind of pasta, except something with squid or other yukkoid thing in it.

I think I will go move that shelf now.

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