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It's Only A Paper Moon
2:52 p.m. - 2003-06-08

Once, a few years ago, I happened into a paint and decor store just as they were getting rid of that season's wallpaper books, and they gave them to me. The samples are large and beautiful, and I always intended to do something with them (they are really, really beautiful) but never did. Being the packrat that I am, I hate to get rid of them, but now, in the big clean up, I just have no place to put them. So I called up my two sisters and asked them if they wanted to split my collection, and they did. At least they will stay in the family and they, as opposed to me, will really do something with them. Auntie M says that at the hospital where she works, the nurses make little paper-covered boxes for the mothers who lose their babies, and in those boxes they put a lock of the baby's hair, footprints, etc. as a keepsake. So she will use those lovely papers for that. It makes me feel better about the whole thing knowing my stuff will be used for a good cause.

The shower yesterday was OK. I like the hostess, who is not your typical yuppie elitist, but is a nice, down-to-earth woman. I kept waiting for the stupid shower games to start, when our hostess said, "This is just your basic shower - come in, talk for a bit, eat, open presents, and then you're out of here!" Yes, I like that woman.

I am still struggling to put away all my crap, but giving away the wallpaper books will open up space in my closet, so there is hope. Except that I am so tired of putting stuff away that I will take a few days off. And the sad part is that if the boxes just disappeared, I would never miss the junk. At all.

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