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Beneath the Swaying Palms
5:13 p.m. - 2003-06-17

Jason has a new hobby. It started one day when he went to the thrift store and bought a really ugly Hawaiian-type shirt to wear on a birthday as a joke. This shirt really was bad - it was grey and yellow and red, and looked like one of those really bad smeary paintings you see in a 1960's motel. It fit great though. We all got a laugh out of that one, and it spurred him on to hunt for more Hawaiian shirts. He would wear one to shock us, but the ones he is getting now are kind of cool. He gets annoyed when we like them.

He decided to pull the joke on Auntie M when he went up there for Matt's birthday. He went in wearing the ugly shirt, and after they had exclaimed over it, he told them it was just a joke, and that he would go change it. So he went back out to his car and changed into yet another ugly shirt and then went back in. However, Auntie M really liked the second shirt, so he gave it to her. Now he likes to hit the thrift stores and buy these wild shirts for about 50 cents each, and try them out on us. He gave me one that is red and white, and I thought it would look nice on the spousal unit, but it did not fit. Shucks. Joel gave him a really nice Hawaiian shirt for Father's Day, and he can't give that one away because it is a gift, so he will have to wear it.

I came home on my lunch hour to water the plants, but the day, which was supposed to be hot, has been pleasant and breezy, so I potted up the marigolds and eggplants. My little tomatoes are perking up, finally.

I hope we will harvest lots of cucumbers, because this year I will try to remember to make the pickle relish that I use for potato salad type things. I forgot last year. I think I am beginning to get back into the garden thing, finally.

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