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Post Tech
4:46 p.m. - 2003-06-26

Apparently he was having trouble using the computer hook-up to his office, so he took the hard drive into work to have the tech girl look at it. And she really really did, so much so that when he brought it home, we could not even get the computer to boot up. Then she promptly went on vacation, so we were without a computer for a week. How accustomed we become to technology. Anyway, we are back in action as of yesterday, but I no longer remember any of the things that happened to me in the last week, so there you are.

Sandy-at-the-office decided out of the blue to lend me the CD Kate and Leopold, so I watched it over the weekend. I found that no matter how much you don't like Meg Ryan, or how bad her weird haircut looked (she must have fallen in front of the lawnmower), all this pales beside the hunkiness of Hugh Jackman in period costume.

I have been listening to the book-on-tape, The Good Earth, and it is indeed a great book, but the author said she wrote it to foster understanding between our cultures, and after reading that book, I will not be able to think of Chinese culture without distaste. According to the book, women were treated horribly, and children were loved, killed off, or sold as slaves, as suited the whim of the parents, including the mothers. After that, I needed a change of pace, so I just finished Day of the Triffids. I loved that book, though I think Americans would have taken a sterner line with the triffids and would have gotten their country in shape much faster. I thought the English were supposed to be sporting, so instead of sitting in their little compound, they should have been on the offensive, hunting down the dastardly triffids.

The weather here has heated up again, and the thermometer on the deck, in the shade, says 113 degrees. That can't be right, but it is impressive. When it comes to heat, I do not care about the electric bill, so I ran the AC all night and all day, and though hot in here, it could be worse.

Today is Thursday, my favorite TV night, when I like to take it easy and watch my shows. Last week the in-laws came over and talked right through the time alloted for my relaxation, but this week looks good. I don't think I will cook anything for dinner because it is so hot, so it all looks good.

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