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I can open your eyes, Take you wonder by wonder
5:36 p.m. - 2003-07-03

This week I am struggling with the old family curse - waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. For this reason, I am soooo glad I made it through Thursday and now have a three-day weekend to rest. I got a call from the upholstery guys and went down and picked up a lot of sample books, so I think I will put aside the ones for January and Auntie M and then cut one up to make a patchwork shirt out of. I always wanted to try that, and one of the books has some bright modern prints in orange, yellow and red that look spiffy.

Abby is going to make a cake for the 4th, and we are going over to Craig and Sue's in the afternoon. We will go to the junior college as usual for the fireworks, because we never miss that, and Jellie Bean is anxious that we be there. Jane and I are carrying out our summer reading plan and it is working very well. I got Bean started on one book and told her she could have the next one a week later on Jason night. This acts as incentive to read during the week, because she knows Auntie wants the book back and she only has a week to finish it. She has read Time Garden, Knight's Castle, and I just gave her Half Magic. Jane is going to go buy the new Harry Potter, so that will be next. I am sure that will take longer than a week for a 10-year old.

Jason is coming over on Saturday so that Abby and he can order his new computer from Dell. Alex tried to talk him into letting Alex build him one, but we all talked him out of that idea. We stressed the good service from Dell, and that sold him. We didn't call him Dude though. Joel can help him set it up, since he knows all about that stuff, and when I left on Wednesday, they were talking to him about the benefits of Astound, which Joel is very sold on, but then he was one of the early sign-ons, and got excellent deals that no longer exist for new customers, so who knows.

I can't really picture Jason surfing the web, so this should be fun. I told him that if we come over and find he has been visiting porno sites, we will take away his computer. He laughed at that. He has thought about it alot (the computer, not the porno sites) and he wants the email, to write to my girls, and he wants a digital camera. He was telling me that he will be able to go out to various places and take pictures, come home and load them, and choose scenes he wants to paint. He can study the composition and lighting etc so that he knows where he wants to paint and will be ready to start right in. I never thought of this use for a digital camera, but it sounded like a great idea. A whole new world will open for him.

He just came home, must go chat...

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