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Stream of Consciousness
4:53 p.m. - 2003-07-11

How many times have you been asked, "What is your favorite color?" Most people answer blue. I have found that my favorite color changes from time to time. I went through a Red stage when I was attracted to red in all things, and I have always had a strange affinity to tints of red orange. Last year I liked orange, but this year I love yellow. I especially like the yellow of a new Volkswagen, which is a deeply saturated yellow and glossy too!

So it is not surprising that I like the look of lemons too. Right now on my table is a mess of lemons waiting to be squeezed, which I will probably do tonight after the library book sale. Joel has a lemon tree and brings me his extras to freeze up. I have never really been super fond of blue, though it is OK (she says in a lackadaisical manner), and green is also merely OK. But yellow! Well, red violet and the whole cool aqua/purple/violet,blue/red violet,magenta thing really attracts my attention. Also the yellow/orange/red/purple combo.

Once, on an airplane, I sat behind a lady wearing the world's most beautiful coat. It was a handwoven fabric in the above last mentioned combo, beautifully cut and obviously pricey. Which reminds me of some really nasty German girls I have sat behind in airplanes. One was greasy and smelly, and I got to look at her non-beauteous hair the whole flight, and on another flight, the other insisted on cranking her seat so far back I could not even read a book, even after I asked her nicely to sit up a bit. After she had to put the seat up for lunch, I wedged my knees in the back of the seat, and when she cranked it down again, she was only able to do so partially, and I could at least read. She must have known she had made an enemy, because I have never ever seen anyone leave a plane so fast when it landed. I must admit that the temptation to spit into the top of her head was very strong, but too bad I am a nice person.

Thinking of ugly people, I think that true ugliness comes from within. Racism makes people ugly - it scrunches up their faces in an ugly way. Once, I was in a fabric store in Pittsburg, and a sweet little boy came into the store and asked the mean old lady clerk for change for the laundromat next door. She refused him in a way one should never speak to a child, and after he turned away she made some racist comment. Of course, I went after the boy and made change for him, and never shopped there again. But I remember that woman's face, ugly in its hatred.

And yet, goodness and love give beauty to people no matter what they really look like, maybe because that IS what they really look like. Mother Theresa comes to mind, and mothers holding their children.

And today I was thinking what it would be like to have all the barbecue you could eat. Once the EG's took us to a BBQ some friends of theirs give every year on the slopes of Mt. Diablo. They roast a whole cow on this huge spit, which is not really an appetizing sight with the legs sticking up in the air, but I am afraid that my love of beef trumps that and it was very very tasty. I would have to say that THAT is really all the BBQ you could ever eat, because even though there was a small crowd there, we hardly put in dent in that cow.

So these are my idle thoughts as I wait for him to come home so I can go to THE LIBRARY BOOK SALE!

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